Performance marketing for ecommerce

Performance marketing for ecommerce is a data-driven approach that only pays for successful customer actions such as sales or leads. proClick leverages strategies for pay-per-click campaigns on different platforms to maximize ROI and minimize marketing waste.

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Attila Birtha

CEO proClick

Integrate pay-per-click in your brand communication

PPC campaigns are essential for effective brand communication due to their targeted reach and measurable impact. PPC allows precise audience segmentation, ensuring your brand message reaches the right people at the right time. This maximises engagement and boosts brand visibility, driving potential customers to your webshop. The real-time tracking and analytics PPC offer invaluable insights into campaign performance, enabling quick adjustments for optimal results.

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Performance Marketing driven by Data

Data Analysis Set-up

Based on your objectives all needed information will be correctly set-up in your Google Analytics Account. And YES we do work with GA4! 

Pay-per-click strategy

A good digital marketing strategy can bring more visitors to your website or specific landing pages and more sales for your webshop. Together we will find  a cost-effective method for increasing visibility and driving conversions.

Customer Success Manager

We have over 15 years experience in managing pay-per-click campaigns for over 1000 webshops. We offer more than just good campaign management we suport our clients with expertise in the ecommerce industry to ensure the success of the proposed strategy.

Reach your goals with the best pay-per-click practices

We are monitoring all campaign with systems that ensure the best practices in pay-per-click campaign management. Always up to date with innovations and best practices. That is why we are in top 3% Google Premier Partner three years in a row.

What proClick does to achieve goals with PPC campaigns? We establish clear objectives, understand your audience, and create compelling ads. Allocate budget wisely, employ relevant keywords, and optimize bid strategies. Craft engaging ad copy, ensuring alignment with dedicated landing pages. Track and analyze conversions for data-driven insights. Regularly A/B test elements, eliminate negative keywords, and enhance quality scores. Utilize remarketing, stay mobile-friendly, and adapt strategies through competitor analysis. Continuous learning and optimization are key, enabling effective utilization of PPC for targeted brand success.

Claudiu Damaschin

Head of PPC

Pay Per Click Marketing on Any Platform

Search Ads, PMax Campaigns, Keywords, Sitelinks will be synchronized with current stock, prices and promotions.

Facebook is the top social media platform ecommerce businesses can get brand awarness and attract the attention of their target audience. 

Instagram ads enhance webshop visibility, engage a massive user base, and drive direct sales through compelling visuals and targeting.

YouTube ads foffer a vast audience reach, visual product showcase, storytelling, and fostering customer trust through video content.

Shops benefit from Waze ads due to localized targeting, real-time navigation integration, driving foot traffic, and enhancing in-store visibility.

We have a wide esperience in creating a strategy and managing pay-per-click campaigns on other platforms as Tiktok, Linkedin Ads, Spotify, Bing and any other platform that you might think of.

Paula Florea

Digital Marketing Specialist

Best digital strategy for your webshop

Crafting a strategy for your webshop’s PPC campaigns is vital for impactful results. It sharpens audience targeting, optimizing ad relevance and conversions. Effective budget allocation prevents wastage, channeling resources toward vital aspects. Strategy-driven tracking and analysis refine campaigns, ensuring efficiency. Consistent branding across campaigns fosters brand recognition and trust. In essence, a well-defined PPC strategy elevates webshop success by driving conversions, enhancing brand presence, and maximizing ROI in the competitive online sphere.

How we take a project?

There are three stages to ensure the success of a new project. Having a systematic and effective approach to developing and executing a successful PPC strategy is crucial for the results we can bring.

Preparation and Research

  • Understand the client’s business, goals, and target audience.
  • Conduct competitor analysis to identify opportunities.
  • Perform comprehensive keyword research for campaign foundation

Planning and Implementation

  • Structure campaigns and ad groups logically.
  • Create compelling ad content aligned with keywords and themes.
  • Develop relevant landing pages for conversions.
  • Allocate budget strategically across campaigns.
  • Choose appropriate bidding strategies and set up tracking.

Execution and Optimization:

  • Launch campaigns and closely monitor initial performance.
  • Analyze data to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Continuously optimize campaigns based on data insights.
  • Conduct A/B testing to refine ad elements.
  • Implement remarketing and adapt strategy as needed.
  • Maintain transparent communication with the client.

Hunor Berecki

Data Analyst

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